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This is the cover of my book. The one I want to write one day.

by Joe P Smith, Malta

by Joe P Smith, Malta

The book should fit all my thoughts and feelings from years that came to be the rest of my life. The life that I have divided into two parts – before and after Adam. The rest of my life holds for always Adam. Emil and Adam. The cover was photographed on Långholmen in Stockholm in May 2010, by my good friend Joseph Smith from Malta. The title of the book is in English and my ambition is to share our history, even with my English-speaking friends.

Anyone who wants to follow my stories on the blog will read about the frustration , sadness and concern that I have written as kind of a therapy during the years. It is unfortunately at such times , when life is tough , the ink flows best and fingers running the fastest over the keys. But my stories also contain a lot of joy, love, happiness, pride! All the feelings I have as a mother of two wonderful sons. The blog’s name notwithstanding , ” The rest of my life,” which may refer to a future, I may write a lot about time that has already passed . The time that has shaped me and has given me the experience of life that I have today. I will also write about my daily life. About the joy of love and of being two. About the country life in an idyllic setting with horses and sheep in their pastures, the rooster that wakes us in the morning and chickens that meet up on the stairs , pigeons eating from my hand and rabbits who gratefully receives a carrot. I have for some months now, a different life to look forward to when I ‘m on leave from my regular duties as section leader and instead will study and work as an assistant to Adam. About this I will also share my stories. I expect to be able to rest, find even more harmony, taking care of the pain in my neck, study, live a quieter life and collect new energy – all at the same time but in different steps . I’m going to take good care of this months, distribute time well to the parts where it is needed. And I’ll live more !

My name is Lena and I live in Stråtjära, a small village 30 kilometres outside Soderhamn, in Hälsingland. Love brought me here. Just over a year ago, me and the kids sold the house in  Vågbro, Soderhamn,  where the children have grown up, where we had lived for 14 years. After having been the sole adult in the household for seven years, I am now living my life together with a man whom I love deeply. We live in an idyllic setting where peace is tangible, and the soul has time to heal.

Three years old, I came with my family – mother Anne, father Bo, sister Marie and brother Thomas (younger sister Sarah was not yet born) – to Soderhamn from Motala. Three years I think it was said that we would stay. It has now been 43 years. My desire to move south in Sweden, to landscapes with deciduous forests and castles, I’ve had with me for all these years. Possible that there remains a longing. Right now, I enjoy country life in Stråtjära.

I am a mother, partner, daughter, sister, aunt, bonus daughter, friend, boss and employer. I could add titles as a teacher, lawyer, educator, physiotherapist, secretary and a few others. But most of all, I’m probably mom. I have two wonderful sons! Emil is 15 years and the most amazing big brother Adam 11 years could wish for! My life has been for many years now focused on being a mom – Down mom. It’s about that you will read. And other joys in my life!


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